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Has your Marketing been overlooked?

Too often, marketing takes a back seat or is overlooked entirely. 

Saying that, the absolute worst scenario is that it is done by someone in the company who has some spare time on their hands but absolutely no marketing experience.  That's like getting a milkman to build you a house.  Utter madness.  In fact disastrous.


The majority of business owners do not fully understand the importance of Marketing,  quite often owners and other employees are used to market the company. Although obviously very skilled in their own jobs, using people who are Marketing virgins and are unskilled in the strategic planning relating to and needed for successful advertising and marketing could have a negative effect on the business.


Business owners should do what they do best – run the company. Taking time away from concentrating on the business as a whole or creating new products, or keeping an eye on your workforce will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on the company.


Marketing Professionals "know" marketing, any Marketing Agency worth their salt will know that what works for one company in one industry and what works for a different company in another industry are two totally separate things.  No two Marketing Campaigns are ever the same.   Cybergal Solutions can guarantee that each and every campaign we devise and then manage is tailored to your business  and no body else's. 


I mean you can't apply the same marketing techniques to a Beauty Salon to those you would use when working with an accountancy practice - it just would not work.


Marketing is a serious business, it takes research and planning and a good Marketing Consultant will recommend to the business owner the best marketing tools for them and their company.


Marketing in Business is not something that can be done "every once-in-a-while" when the accountant or someone else in the company has some spare time.  Marketing has to be a constant because if you take your foot off the pedal for 2 seconds you're right back to where you started from.


If you fail to plan you plan to fail.


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