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Why outsourcing your lead generation could increase your sales.

Published on 9 February 2021 at 13:25

Market research has shown that a huge number of salespeople spend most of their time trying to find good leads instead of actually speaking to clients that are ready to buy.


Essentially, this means that businesses across the UK spend a great deal of money on processes that could be better handled externally; which is one of the reasons why more and more business, large and small, are beginning to outsource this necessary part of any sales process to lead generation companies.


If you want your sales teams to concentrate on what they do best, hitting targets and selling, then hiring a lead generation company is an excellent and very cost-effective option. A lot of companies charge by the hour which is when costs start to sky rocket out of control.


Lead generation isn’t a five minute job. It is a long process which involves research, telephone calls, emails, jovial banter, more telephone calls .. The sales pipeline is a trusted process and anyone with a background in sales will know this. Because lead generation is quite a drawn out process the best value option would be for a pay per lead contract with your lead generation company.


Warm leads are great but some like it Hot!


Pay-as-you-Go lead generation is a no-brainer for most businesses, irrelevant of their size, after all, a lead is a lead. The price per lead varies from company to company, ranging from £90 to £200 per hot lead.


Hot leads will normally be high-quality and more likely to translate into sales.


Hot leads may come through in less volume, but will generally be of better quality.


There are some companies that offer special offers when it comes to their Hot lead generation packages and companies are quick to snap these special offers up as when it comes down to it, this the best option for any business looking for good quality sales opportunities.


Happy Converting :)


Research is a key part of the marketing process so basically  you are only as good as your research.   It's like the foundations of a house.  If they are substandard and below par (quick golf analogy there - God I miss playing golf) then the whole lot will come crashing down around you - just the same with your marketing.  Spend time finding out the facts about your potential customers and also about your competitors.  Don't copy your competitors obviously, that's just daft, but do go one better, be the best you can be and you will always be one step in front of everyone else.

Communication is key – mix it up

Marketing is a way to engage new customers, which is so important when, in the current climate, financial pressures may cause your current customer base to shrink, that said, it also encourages existing customers to stay with you. There are now more channels of communication than ever before, and if you get a good mix across the board then you could soon reap the benefits.


Established business?– get back to basics

When you have been in business a while, especially as a small-medium sized business, or when time pressures are tight, there is a tendency to focus only on what has worked in the past. If a certain channel of communication has proven successful, then it can be tempting to just keeping doing it. Whilst it’s fair to say that ’if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, it is also important to be aware of new opportunities available and also to have a look at any areas within your business which you may have let slip. Get back to basics, refresh the activity you are doing and make sure you are covering all the angles.

Equally, when business is booming it can be easy to place marketing on the back-burner. But when a busy spell inevitably starts to slow you may find yourself behind and even back to square one. You have always got to stay one step ahead of your competition!


Communicate – don’t forget the power of public relations

PR is an essential part of the marketing mix. It can take many shapes and forms, but ultimately helps communicate your business messages to those key audiences you wish to reach. If PR is not something you are familiar with, then don’t be afraid to seek professional support from experts. One skill for any entrepreneur to learn – knowing when to delegate.


Get online – take advantage of the web

A clear, user friendly website has never been so important.  More and more people then ever before are using the internet, even the Silver Surfers are getting in on the act.  Consumers, your potential customers are accessing the internet and using it as a research tool, helping them make an informed decision on future spends and who with. Investing in your website and making sure it is up to date with the latest prices, contact details and business developments is vital to ensure you are not missing out.

Your website is the electronic face of your business. It communicates your brand, your services and your values, so make sure it is saying what you want it to say and keep it up-to-date


Do you witter or  twitter? – social networking could help your business

The internet is now a daily part of many people’s lives and millions of individuals are now members of social networking sites and other new media. Businesses are increasingly seeing the benefits of social networking sites as a way to engage with customers on a further level. Along with newspapers, magazines, campaign groups, industry figures and politicians, anyone keen to communicate is now getting involved. See if a presence on a social site could benefit you.


If times are tough – consider carefully before making cuts

When times are tough and budgets are tight the first casualty can often be your marketing spend. But I would advise anyone thinking of cutting back to reconsider. When competition for work grows exponentially, and it undoubtedly will, whether now or in a few months time, you need to ensure you are visible, available and providing the best service you can.


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