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You mean you're not outsourcing your Marketing?

Published on 13 February 2021 at 14:40


Hiring a full-time employee to work on your marketing activities can be a great benefit to your business, they’re physically “there” all the time and you will have control over their every move.


If, on the other hand, you decide to outsource your marketing to a Contractor or Agency then you will have access to an expert talent pool that can cover all aspects of your marketing and give you an excellent ROI. This way, you’re able to do more with less, by having access to talent and skill-sets you couldn’t find, or even afford in a single, full-time employee.


Outsourcing of course has many other benefits to hiring, say, a Marketing Manager. No full time salary to pay, no holiday pay, sick leave, tax or NI to sort out. You wouldn’t have to worry about the size of your office premises as there would be no workspace to arrange, no business cards to print,; dramatically reducing your company’s expenditure.


A lot of companies with an internal marketing department find it quite challenging to get a fresh pair of eyes to review their marketing. When you have everything in-house, it can be a challenge to get a fresh pair of eyes to review your marketing. Marketing departments can miss things which means you run a risk of getting stuck in a rut.


Also, direct employees are less likely to criticise something the boss has done for the want of keeping their job whereas it is the Marketing Agencies JOB to criticise EVERYTHING a boss has done, especially if it isn’t working.


Outsourcing your marketing means you will have access to experts in their field who can give you a fresh perspective and even offer you new and exciting ideas to try.


The flexibility of outsourcing your marketing is a key benefit. Whoever you hire will concentrate solely on your marketing whereas an employee may be asked to complete other tasks like answering the telephone, which means you are essentially paying someone a lot of money to be a receptionist.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of outsourcing marketing is that an agency will be able to better track and prove your marketing is delivering a return. When you use a professional Marketing Agency in an attempt to get more prospects through your door, that goal is shared with you by the agency and as professionals they will ensure that all goals are met as they’re committed to delivering results.


Outsourcing marketing is a smart move for companies to make, and comes with many benefits as you have read. If I’ve managed to sway you towards hiring a Consultant or Agency to run your marketing campaigns for you then we would love to hear from you about your marketing goals and the support you might need.