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How could a Marketing Consultant benefit my business?

Published on 11 October 2021 at 10:07

You may be curious as to whether your business might benefit from using Marketing Consultant as opposed to employing a full time member of staff.


Here are a few reasons why you might consider using a Marketing Consultant as an option:


They Can Provide Greater Value


Please note the use the word “value” rather than “cost”. Yes, using a Marketing Consultant can be cheaper than getting someone in-house. However, if you’re only getting them in because they’re cheap it can be a false economy if your return on investment suffers.


That said, if you hire the right Consultant you can reduce cost, receive a better service and get a higher return. This is because a high percentage of the people with the confidence to go freelance in the first place tend to be the ones with the most talent and experience and a track record of achieving results. 


They’ll work to suit your needs


A good Marketing Consultant understands that one of the main reasons they get hired is an expectation of flexibility from the client. They’re suited and used to working on a short-term and remote basis.


No Training Required


Any freelance Marketing Consultant worth their salt won't require any training by you.  Seasoned freelancers will research the company they will be working for before they even start a project.  As it's their own reputation on the line, they will of course ensure that all work it done to a high standard and within any deadline set.


They represent a lower financial risk


Unless you are looking for a long term Marketing Consultant for the foreseeable you may only need to find and hire a Marketing Consultant when there’s work to be done and the majority of freelancers won’t tie you into a long-term contract, making them a lower financial risk than hiring a permanent employee or an agency.


They’re easy to find and quick to hire


Freelancers are very easy to find, and you usually won’t have to wait long for them to start work. You can find a freelancer on LinkedIn or other social media platforms.


They’re often best for very specific jobs


Being experienced experts in their fields, freelancers often provide the most efficient and cost-effective way to get a highly specialised job done that goes beyond the capabilities of your in-house team.


You can tap into their network


Freelancers that have been around for a while will usually have built up a good network and tend to hunt in packs. It’s likely that they have a network of people they know and trust that they can introduce you to if the need arises. And if they value their reputation, it’s unlikely that they’ll introduce you to a dud.




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