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Does your Business need an Overhaul?

Then Read on ....


Businesses do tend to get a little stale when they have been established for a while.  As with most things, you get into a habit and you do the same things day in and day out with the same results.


Business Development isn't just about getting leads and new clients, it's looking at how a business is run, their practices, operations, staffing and then tweaking and changing things so they run better, more efficiently and essentially increase sales and profits.

Here's some of the things that we can do for you and your business :


  • Contacting existing and new potential clients to establish rapport and arrange meetings.
  • Plan and oversee new marketing initiatives.
  • Research organisations and individuals to find new opportunities.
  • Increase the value of current customers while attracting new ones.
  • Find and develop new markets and improve sales.
  • Attend conferences, meetings, and industry events when allowed of course
  • Develop quotes and proposals for clients.
  • Develop goals for the development team and business growth and ensuring they are met.
  • Look at staffing and help team members develop their skills.
  • Seek out open tenders for bidding
  • Submit tenders for Government contracts
  • Look at expenditure and see if money can be saved on business services i.e. internet, VOIP, Banking, Energy etc..


Your business is our business

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